Nutrients That Increase Fertility

pregnant-eatCertain nutrients help the body regulate reproductive hormones to improve fertility rate. Two specific nutrients that will benefit your fertility health are folic acid and iron, especially if this is your first time attempting to get pregnant.

During menstruation, you lose roughly a quarter cup. If you have heavy blood flow during the cycle, this amount increases. Blood carries iron to its destination in your body, and with blood loss during menstruation, you also lose a percentage of iron it carries. It is therefore typical for any woman to experience iron deficiency while at their childbearing age, or as long as they go through menstruation.

This deficiency in iron, especially when combined with other nutritional deficiencies disrupts the normal balance of your reproductive hormones. This affects your ability to conceive, as it tends to compromise your fertility health. Even when you get pregnant despite the deficiency, it will put your unborn at risk for health issues which certainly you do not want to happen.

experts recommend this nutrient to boost chances of women who wish to get pregnant naturally. It also prevents your unborn to suffer from neural defects that usually occur within the first few weeks of pregnancy.

The primary source of nutrients, including fertility nutrients like folic acid and iron, is your diet. To receive the nutrients you need for pregnancy, you must eat the right food. In instances where food does not suffice to meet your fertility nutritional requirements, you may take natural supplements only after consultation with your physician.