ELDERBERRY Health Benefits

ELDERBERRYFor several centuries, the people in Europe, North Africa, North America and Western Asia depend on Elderberries for treatment of coughs and bacterial infections. Elderberries contain powerful antioxidants, vitamins A, B, and C, quercetin, flavonoids, carotenoids, and amino acids. Researchers continuously study the nutritional benefits and medicinal functions of Elderberry for variety of illnesses.


Elderberry extract supplies numerous medical benefits that range from pain relief to improved heart condition. Elderberry extract is also effective in boosting the immune system, defense against flu, and lessening of mucous production when inflicted with colds. The usual consumption of the extract of Elderberry is through food additive or as medication in a form of injection.

Elderberry Extract as Colds and Flu Fighter Elderberry is beneficial in treating colds and flu by lowering the congestion and causing the individual to release more sweat. A study on Sambucol, which is a brand of juice containing Elderberry extract, could reduce the flu in 3 days duration. The Sambucus Nigra Agglutinin or SNA compound present in the extract of Elderberry prevents the reproduction of stains and virus of influenza. It also helps that Sambucol has vitamin C and other herbs thus the medicinal value could be the combination of Elderberry with other substances. A notable findings conducted by another group was on ViraBLOC, lozenges with extract of Elderberry. It could lessen the symptoms of flu within 24 hours after medication. Actually, a laboratory testing by a separate group looks in the possibility of Elderberry to eradicate the H1N1 virus or swine flu. Further studies need to prove its effectiveness in treating H1N1 in human.

Elderberry extract also has the ability to reduce the duration and relentless of the symptoms of flu such as chilling, fatigue, fever, muscle aches, and sore throat. The Elderberry syrup makes the flu symptoms go away quicker than a prescribed medication. The Journal of the International Medical Research recorded the full recovery of patients from flu within 3 to 4 days after taking Elderberry syrup compared with the usual 7 days treatment with common medication and supplements. In another laboratory testing, Elderberries also manifested the ability to prevent the flu strains of avian and swine.

Elderberry Extract for Immune System

Elderberry extract supplies vitamin A and vitamin C that functions in fighting diseases for the body’s optimal health. The bioflavonoids present in the syrup of Elderberry improve the immune system of the body by raising the level if antioxidant that eradicates the viruses causing damage to the cell walls.

Elderberry Extract for Cancer Prevention

A study on European Elderberry plant conducted by the University of Illinois during the Urbana-Champaign held in 2006, declared its extract as a powerful antioxidant. The extract has high amount of polyphenolics, flavonoids, and anthocyanins. Researchers believed that the Elderberry extract has an effective anti-cancer compound after hindering an enzyme that could trigger the carcinogenesis stage. The American Elderberry’ cultivation was not as medicinal plant until its extract revealed similar health benefits.

Elderberry Extract for Cardiovascular Disease Anthocyanin is a powerful antioxidant that is abundantly present in Elderberry’. The researchers of the Department of Cellular and Integrative Physiology of the Indiana University School of Medicine, the effectiveness of anthocyanin-rich Elderberry extract in hindering disease on coronary artery. The animals in the laboratory’ trial received considerable protection from Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), known for its connection on the artery disease. The findings led on recognizing the benefit of Elderberry extract in shielding from vascular illnesses.

Elderberry Extract for Diabetes

The Elderberry’ extract contains natural polyphenolic substance, seen as potential diabetes treatment. A group of Ireland based researchers and another group of researchers in Romania both found insulin releasing and insulin-like activities present on Elderberry extract. The researches of both groups considered Elderberry extract as a relevant dietary addition for those wanting to control the diabetes symptoms.

Elderberry Extract for Influenza

After proving the effectiveness of Elderberry in treating respiratory diseases, further studies centered on the function of Elderberry extract as anti-viral against various flu strains such as H1N1. A report on H1N1 virus in ‘Phytochemistry” published on July 2009, Elderberry extract was capable in blocking the virus from infecting the host cells residing in the body of human. In 2004, the “Journal of International Medical Research” published a report on patients experiencing relief from influenza A and B symptoms after taking Elderberry extract. Compared with patients on prescribed medication, the patients in the study got well in less than four days after the Elderberry extract medication.

Elderberry Extract for Sinus Infection

Sinupret medication has Elderberry extract and other herbs proved its usefulness in treating bacterial sinusitis when taken with antibiotic and decongestant. The study found that patients who combined Sinupret with other prescribed medication experienced faster healing than those who took single medication.

Elderberry Extract for Upper Respiratory Infections Elderberry extract brings comfort to those suffering from upper respirator}’ infections by clearing the respiratory passages from mucous secretion and swelling that cause discomfort and breathing difficulty. The University of Minnesota recognized the medical contribution of Elderberry extract as remedy for cold and flu by reducing the respiratory tract symptoms and boosting the immune system. The Elder flower and berries could help lessen the swelling in the mucous membrane thus beneficial in relieving sinus congestion.