Yoga for Sleep

yogaEven though yoga is becoming more popular as a regular workout routine, it is also excellent for sleep. There are some very specific moves that will help your body relax and help your quality of sleep improve. Yoga is a combination of meditation, breathing and stretching alike, as with the relaxation techniques above. If you continue to use this method for several weeks, you should start to see an overall improvement in not only how you fall asleep, but how you stay asleep as well.

What are the best positions for sleepy time yoga?

Here’s one of the first you should try:

Lie on your back on the bed and lift your legs up onto the wall. You can adjust the space between your butt and the wall according to what you’re most comfortable with. As you lie there with your arms at your side, just enjoy the stretch in your legs and breathe slowly to get the maximum benefit. Usually, they recommend doing this yoga position for about two minutes.

The next position involves sitting Indian-style with your hands on your knees. This position should be kept for about a minute total, so remember to stay on each side for about 30 seconds. Turn to the left and put your left hand behind you, with your right hand on your left knee. Hold the twist and look over your shoulder while you take deep breaths. Repeat this same movement on the other side.

If you’re not very flexible, then you can modify this stretch, but try to maintain the form for about two minutes. Lie back on your bed with your arms to the wide and your feet pressed together on the soles. Now, lay your knees out to the side and keep your feet pressed together so they make the shape of a diamond. You can make this easier by using pillows to hold your legs up if necessary. Rest and breathe into the position and feel the luxurious stretch that will relax your entire body.

Pose number four is easy for anyone to do and gives your entire upper body a wonderful stretch to enjoy. When you’re sitting on your heels, leanforward onto the bed until your face is on the sheets. Now, let your chest fall to your knees and stretch your arms out above your head as far as you can. Breathe through this position and relax, trying to maintain it for two minutes. You’ll be surprised at how this also lengthens your upper half by using it consistently over time.

Finally, your last yoga pose for great sleep involves rocking yourself to sleep, literally. When you’re lying on the bed, bring your knees to your chest and wrap your arms around them at the ankles. When you rock up to a sitting

position, breathe in. Then, rock back to a lying position and breathe out. Repeat this movement for approximately one minute and then your body should be ready for a great night’s sleep.

The lack of exercise can cause you sleeping problems and make it harder to get to sleep. As your muscles build tension during the day and you feel more stressed, you can use exercise at night to relieve those two symptoms. You’ll experience a much deeper sleep, but if you exercise too hard close to bedtime, you’ll actually keep yourself awake with higher adrenalin levels. That’s why yoga is such a perfect choice in terms of better sleep and getting rid of muscle tension at night.