Benefits of Echinacea

Echinacea provides relief and often cures the following conditions:

–      Colds, coughs and flu.

–      Urinary tract infections.

–        Enlarged lymph glands and sore throat,

–        Help to fightwith herpes and Candida,

–        Ear infections,

–       Gingivitis,

–       Sinusitis.

–        Upper respirator}’ conditions

–      Wounds,

–       Skin regeneration,

–       Psoriasis.

–        Inflammatory skin conditions.

–        Skin infections.

–       Enlarged prostrate,

–        Hay fever,

–        Canker sores,

–        Eczema,

–        Heal sunburns,

–       Chronic yeast infections in women,

–       Other minor infections.

Echinacea stimulate the immune system, it increases the immunity by promoting T cell activation. It activates the white blood cell to fight against the germs. It also increases the ability of the white blood cell to defend the body from foreign pathogenic invaders. Echinacein, found in Echinacea does not let germs penetrate into healthy cell, saving the body from the attack of virus and bacteria. It speeds up the recovery system of the body if someone is sick.