Our Immune System Thrives on SuperFoods

Moving forward in understanding the role our immune system plays in our body it is important to turn our attention on the strategies behind these wonderful fruits and veggies and just how our immune system thrives on them. Below are just a few ways the immune system reacts to SuperFoods:

SuperFoods Support the immune functions. SuperFoods are a big contributor in keeping a healthy immune system, which a healthy immune system is better able to recognize cancer cells as abnormal and destroy them before they replicate and produce tumors. A lagging immune system can very well miss these abnormal cells allowing them to turn into disease.

SuperFoods Inhibit tumor growth. Tumor cells are abnormal and do not respond to the body’s signal to regulate their growth, the way healthy cells respond. Many natural compounds found in SuperFoods can also help restore cell functions, including their responsiveness and slow the uncontrolled growth of tumors.

SuperFoods Support the normal cell differentiation. Normal cells have features that make them look and act differently from undeveloped cells. Cancer cells lack the mature features of our normal cells. This lack of differentiation makes it possible for cancer cells to evade our body’s signal to control growth.

SuperFoods Promote cell death. By restoring the normal functions of important cellular regulation, we can enhance our cell’s natural ability to destroy itself if it becomes damaged or cancerous.

SuperFoods Inhibit the spread of cancer. By preventing the tumor from spreading, also known as metastasizing, we help our immune system deal more effectively with the primary tumor.

SuperFoods Reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence. There are many natural compounds in SuperFoods that help reduce future mutations of cancer cells.

Adding SuperFoods to your diet will give your immune system what it needs to function properly, the power to fight off invaders and maintain a healthy you.

Without these SuperFoods we put ourselves at risk. With additives, in the very food we eat, our digestive system begins to clog and tends to slow or stop the body’s ability to fight against cancer and infection. Once the body is depleted of critical nutrients, it starts to lose the ability to repair itself. The body’s organs start to malfunction and become susceptible to illness, including cancer.

With over a million new cases of cancer being detected each year and over 500,000 people estimated to die this year alone from cancer related illnesses, research studies becomes an important resource in our fight against the disease.