Games that Enhance Memory

There are a few games that can enhance the memory, and the most popular and a classic is the card game called “Memory”.

Memory Classic – The cards should be laid out face down, then flip over the cards in pairs, if they do not match, turn back face down again. Turn over another card, and find the match from the previously opened cards, if there is one. Continue until all cards are face up.

Alternative version – Layout the entire deck, the player is given time to memorize the cards, all cards are then turned face down. The game will then proceed like that in the classic version.

Puzzle games

Puzzle games never fail to satisfy the need for the brain to do some exercise. Working with the puzzles can stimulate the brain into pondering how to be able to go about solving the situation at hand. Your brain can be pushed into taking actions on different scenarios in order to solve the puzzle. Doing so can make the brain remember things easier. The brain can dictate the body to adapt repetitive movements as if they have been a part of the whole system ever since and can make remembering them a cinch for the brain to do.


Sudoku is actually not a math game even though it uses numbers; it is just more convenient to use numbers because the brain knows them well. People usually learn counting first than memorizing the alphabet. It is easier to say l, 2, 3 than saying A, B, C. The game helps the brain to remember patterns of numbers. There was no math problem solving involved in the game of Sudoku but merely thinking of a way to properly arranged the numbers in such a way that no two numbers must be in the same line or the same box.