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Zen Macrobiotic Diet

Contrary to popular belief, this diet is not connected with the zen buddhists, but is the creation of a Japanese man named George Ohsawa. Though it has gained many adher­ents, it is nutritionally dangerous when strictly followed.

There are ten stages to the diet, and milk is prohib­ited. You start by giving up dessert and eating nothing but grains, preferably brown rice. The diet, based on the Oriental yin-yang philosophy, restricts fluid intake, which is dangerous, as is the lack of nutrients provided in meals consisting of nothing but brown rice. Followers believe that if your thoughts are right you can produce vitamins, minerals, and proteins within your own body, and actually change one element to another.

Just in case your thoughts aren’t always right, it would be advisable if you are on this diet, or any strict vegetar­ian diet, to take supplements. A high-potency vegetarian multi-vitamin-mineral tablet twice daily along with a good B complex with folic acid is recommended. Also vitamin 12, 100 meg. one to three times a day.