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Cayenne – Hemorrhoids

Is there anything more annoying or painful than hemorrhoids? They seem to swell up at will and the pain is unbearable. Short of painful surgery, there is little to reduce the pain and swelling permanently… until you start adding cayenne pepper to your daily diet.

Cayenne pepper heals hemorrhoids. Yes, there is a cure! Just as cayenne pepper works on all parts of the circulatory system, it works on hemorrhoids. Just as cayenne pepper brings instant pain relief, it lifts the pain while it works to shrink the hemorrhoids. Just as cayenne pepper’s anti-inflammatory properties work on other inflammation sites in the body, it also works on hemorrhoids. What an incredible wonder of nature, and so easy to add to your daily intake of food and supplements.

When you first start to take cayenne pepper, you might feel burning during a bowel movement. Your body will adapt quickly, however, and the healing properties in the cayenne pepper will heal your hemorrhoids. While the pain relief happens quickly, cayenne pepper works best when taken on a consistent basis to bring overall good health.