The Overnight Liver Cleanse

liverThis overnight liver detox takes a little over a day to finish; however, the actual detoxification process will happen overnight. In order to do an overnight liver cleanse, you will need fresh or organic apple juice, olive oil and lemon juice, castor oil, and a heating pad or compress.

The day that you plan to start your overnight liver cleanse, you will need to drink 40 oz. of fresh or organic apple juice throughout the day. It is imperative that the apple juice is either fresh or organic so that you do not overload your body with excess sugar and preservatives. To consume the 40 oz. of apple juice, you will be drinking 8 oz. of fresh or organic apple juice five times throughout the day, keeping a span of three hours between each apple juice drink.

Start your day by eating a healthy breakfast, do not overload on sugars or carbs; stick to whole grains, protein and healthy fruits. The morning that you do the natural liver detox, you should eat nothing that contains fat. This helps to get ready for the liver cleanse and detox, by creating pressure in the liver as a result of reducing the amount of bile produced.


You can also help to aid the liver cleansing process by drinking a glass of lemon water first thing before breakfast. This is optional, but it will help your liver get ready for the cleanse and detoxification process. For lunch and throughout the rest of the day, eat lightly and contain your diet to salads, fruits and raw vegetables. A great lunch or snack is to use a juicer and make a vegetable juicing drink. Soups are also great for the day of the liver cleanse, as both juicing and soups are light and do not require heavy digestion; therefore, easing the load on your liver. Do not eat anything after 2 PM, stick to your apple juice only.

An hour before you go to bed, you will mix and drink 2 tbsp. of olive oil and 2 tbsp. of lemon juice. Just before you go to bed, saturate a 6-by-6-inch piece of flannel fabric with castor oil and put it on the right side of your stomach, right under your ribs, directly over your liver. Now, tape a plastic bag or put plastic wrap over the flannel piece in order to prevent the castor oil from soaking into your clothes or bed sheets. Sleep with an electric heating pad over the plastic in order to keep the castor oil activated throughout the night. Do not turn the heat up high, it merely needs to remain warm.

In the morning, you will remove the castor-oil compress and rinse the area with water and baking soda in order to remove the oily residue from your skin. Next you will need to do some activity in order to make your body sweat for at least 20 minutes. If you have access to a sauna or steam room, you can sit in one for 20 minutes. If not, try using a sweat suit and go jogging or vigorously working out in order to sweat for 20 minutes. That’s it, your done! Your liver has been effectively cleansed and is ready to start functioning at peak capacity, burning fat more efficiently and ridding your body of those harmful toxins!