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The Importance of Intestinal Detoxification

Detoxification is a fundamental process, which ensures that cells can function and reproduce properly. Begin detoxifying your body and, besides will power, you will not need any other drastic diets.

If everything functions as it should, and your genetic makeup is satisfactory, you do not put on weight. When the body is unable to detoxify itself, metabolic waste progressively accumulates in fatty tissue, joints and other parts of the body. Minor inflammation occurs in the intestines, which cease functioning as they should. All this leads to insufficient absorption of elements, vitamins and other necessary nutrients. In such states, mega-doses of multivitamins and elements will not help, because the process of assimilation has been impaired. The body becomes debilitated as it lacks vital substances for the nutrition of the body. By this, also other organs are affected, because there is some interconnection between them and the intestines.

The intestine is an immensely important organ that we must take special care of. Who thinks that it is only a kind of sewerage is completely wrong! It is a garden of life and death. In the duodenum when food is dissociated by enzymes to easily utilizable parts, it passes to the intestines. Here, structural substances of the body are transferred. The speed of its absorption and utilization depends on the quality of the surface of the intestine, which area has about 210 square meters. The intestine is approximately 7 meters long, but this alone would not do, therefore its area is enlarged by grooves and folds; in addition, the surface is not smooth, but composed of thousands of miniature articulated projections called villi. Enzyme processed food passes along this perfect intestinal epithelium. More than 2500 different kinds of enzymes co-operate on transferring the structural substances from the intestine to blood circulation. Our intestine garden is populated by different types of enzymes bringing benefit to us. These enzymes are in constant equilibrium. Because of frequent consummation of sweet meals, many species of fungi and yeast may become abundant in the intestine. Gradually, food starts to ferment, rot and the intestine becomes a kind of sewerage. By repeating the same faults in our nutrition, we devastate our intestine in such manner that it loses its function. The result may be cancer.