The Importance of bitter substances in our food

Bitter substances  have a strong influence on human metabolic and detoxification processes. They act via the vegetative nervous system and thus influence the function of the heart and the circulatory system. This may lead to some improvement in cases of nervous exhaustion.

Analysis of the human diet has shown that, although we daily eat salty, sour and sweet food, our diet completely lacks bitter comestibles. We left out bitter substances from our diet and exchanged them for sweet ones. From the cultural historical point of view, this is a very important fact. There exists a report on public life in the 18 th century China, which states that ”eating sugar is both amoral and corrupt and to do so in public is immoral and despicable.”

Bitter substances are substances that have been tested by the centuries. In the past, people have known their positive effect on the secretion of bile. It has been proven many times that people suffering from gallstones reached a positive effect on their condition by drinking bitter tea. Also, the internal cause of most skin disease lies in defective metabolism. Skin disease should be viewed as a symbol of a metabolic disorder and it frequently improves upon stimulation of the detoxification organs, the liver and the kidneys. Via these organs and their associate organs, we can also positively influence the majority of the incidence of allergies. . The beginning of an allergy is where there is a long-time inflammation process.