Test: Talar Made Cold Compression Shoulder Wrap


  • Cold, Compression Wrap
  • Place whole wrap in freezer
  • Targeted Cold Therapy
  • Frost free lining- allows direct skin contact

The Talar Made CCT (Cold Compression Therapy) Shoulder Wrap has a unique and patented system incorporating a gel pack covered with a frost free lining, allowing application of the wrap directly to the skin. The unique adjustable compression chamber design, positioned behind the cold gel pack provides a conforming compression around the shoulder. After an injury blood vessels are damaged and this allows blood cells and fluid to seep into spaces around the joint, resulting in swelling and bruising. When ice is applied the temperature decreases and constricts local blood vessels, slowing metabolism and decreasing fluid build-up. Ice can also numb nerve endings, reducing the transfer of impulses to the brain that register as pain. The unique Talar Made System provides targeted cold therepy to the place you need it in the ankle and combined with the adjustable inflation you can fulfil 2 of the 4 ideal treatments for soft tissue injury. RICE is the acronym used for this treatment, R – Rest, I – Ice, C – Compression, E – Elevation, all you need to do now is sit back with your foot in the air, to reduce the pain, reduce the swelling and more importantly improve your recovery. The outer black material is a latex free type of neoprene completly covered in looped material to allow the velcro wraps to stick anywhere for your own comfort, inside the blue material feels like a heavy cotton type material that is specifically designed to be frost free and offer an ideal barrier between the ice cold gel pack and your delicate skin. For best results freeze for 2 hours before use and then apply to injured area for 10-15 minute periods. Shoulder Wrap Size: 47 cm x 37cm.

I ruptured my achilles in late Sep and it hurts starting to weight bear again. This arriving was a godsend. Its easy to use,comfortable on and does what it says on the tin! The added compression is super. Recommend without reservation, doesn’t get so cold it burns you either.

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