Review: Human Body Model Kit Toy


  • This hands-on kit gives you a full guided tour of the human body
  • The 30cm body model has skeletal, vascular and muscular systems plus all the squishy bits
  • Kids can explore the full inner body workings and how everything fits together
  • For ages 8+ years
  • Includes 32 page book

I’m a homeschooling mum with children aged 11 and 9. I was originally going to buy one of the traditional human anatomy model – the kind you find in school science labs – but the one I wanted was out of stock so I bought this one instead.

I’m glad I did. Both of my children love the squishy rubbery organs and had great fun “dissecting” the figure. There is a special “organ”iser to place the removed organs on that identifies what the organs are. The accompanying book is also excellent. It covers everything the children wanted to know in an entertaining and fun way.

The model is also extremely easy to put back together as you can just push it all back into the body higglety pigglety and pack it all away (unlike the traditional anatomy models that need everything put back in precisely in the right place).

Buy: Brainstorm SmartLab You Explore it Human Body Model Kit with 32 Page Insides Out Book