Superfoods and Hormone imbalance

Superfoods will also fix most of your hormone imbalance. I’m one of those people who suffer from low thyroid and I used to have problems to lose weight, not to mention tiredness and all other side effects of low thyroid. But since I changed my diet and switched to superfoods, I can report that I feel much better, have much more energy and I’m losing weight without problems.

Processed food can disrupt your hormone balances, meaning that your metabolic rate can be decreased, meaning that you might frequently overeat because your mechanism that should signal that you ate enough is not working properly. Your natural mechanisms for fat burning might be disrupt because of hormone imbalance.

You might not be gluten intolerant, but think about excluding whole wheat for a while, just as a test. Even if you’re not having gluten intolerance, you might be better off with some other whole grain food.

Refined grains are a high glycemic food. They stimulate the production of insulin – your body’s fat-storing hormone. The more bread, pasta, cereal and flour you consume, the more likely you will be overweight.

Even if you switch to non-gluten food, remember that most commercially prepared gluten-free foods are no better

than their “super-gluten” counterparts. Most of these foods are highly processed and contain chemicals and preservatives. Gluten-free packaged foods, such as bread, pasta, cookies, crackers and cakes, typically have just as high of a glycemic index as their wheat-based counterparts (e.g. they use refined rice flour). Basically, they harm your blood-sugar regulation system just as much as wheat does. The same goes for make-at-home baking mixes. Not to mention the bread and dessert recipes on most “gluten-free” food blogs.

I’m using quinoa/brown rice/oatmeal/buckwheat (all non-gluten food and all non-commercially prepared). Whole grains are low on the glycemic index, meaning they are absorbed slowly and can help you feel full longer. That will work well with your fixed hormone imbalance and you won’t feel hungry during the day. More on wheat and gluten later.