Saw Palmetto And Women

collagen-womanSaw palmetto extract is effective whether you are a man or a woman.

The results are identical whether you are a man or a woman, which is not a claim that most prescription hair restoration medicines can make. Androgenic alopecia occurs because of testosterone conversion to DHT. The blocking mechanism is the same in men or women that allows the follicle to regrow thicker and fuller.

Woman suffering from hair loss can start personal use with saw palmetto in the same way as men. I do recommend that men and women discuss treatments like this with their medical professional mostly because there are many reasons why hair loss occurs. Male and female pattern receding hairlines or thinning hair is common and most often is caused by androgenic alopecia. The times when it isn’t can mean a more serious condition exists that self-treatment could delay identifying.

Due to saw palmetto’s soothing, protective effects on the scalp, hair regrown with saw palmetto will come back even thicker and fuller than before. People who have regrown their hair with saw palmetto notice an increase in the strength and shine of their new hair.