Fertility Boosting Food

pregnant-eatEating a healthy diet is necessary, as food is the main source of nutrients. There are specific types of food that boost fertility. This is a fact that everyone recognizes including medical and fertility experts. Before you explore complicated methods to boost your fertility rate, it is best to focus your attention on your diet first. Often, once you start nourishing your body with the right food to improve your chances of getting pregnant, you already have the solution.

Here are some food items that you should eat more often when you want to optimize your fertility health:

–  Rich   sources of iron are dark leafy green vegetables, tofu, beans, egg yolks, fatty fish like tuna and sardines, nuts such as almonds and cashews, and dried fruits like dates and apricots. For better iron absorption, eat these along with food rich in Vitamin C.

For instance, your breakfast can consist of tuna sandwich and a glass of fresh orange juice.

–  Excellent sources of folic acid are citrus fruits like orange, dark green vegetables like spinach, whole grains, legumes, and beans among others. To keep the nutrients present in food, choose the healthier cooking methods such as boiling or steaming. As much as possible eat the food fresh or half-cooked.

While folic acid and iron are both fertility nutrients, it does not mean that you will limit your diet to only food containing these nutrients. You have to make sure that together with the increase in the frequency of eating these types of food, you still eat a well-balanced diet.

Other fertility boosting food containing essential nutrients are the following:

– Whole cream   milk has properties to improve your hormonal balance. You can drink the milk as is, use it as ingredient to prepare your food recipe or other beverages such as fruit smoothies, or find readily available healthy products with this milk as one of the key ingredients.

–  Using olive oil, instead of other cooking oils containing Trans fats, is an effective fertility booster. It has monounsaturated fats that benefits your heart, lowers your bad cholesterol, and maintains the optimal functions of your endocrine system. What olive oil does is to protect your reproductive system from the damages of Trans fats.

– Eat food rich in fiber such as whole grains, cereals especially those fortified with iron and folate, fruits such as strawberries, vegetables like squash. Fiber helps rid the body of toxins that interferes with your reproductive system. Works like scrub, fiber-rich food reduces bad fats that disrupt hormonal balance necessary’ for ovulation.

While improving your diet with fertility-boosting food, avoid certain types of food that lower your fertility rate. Here are the top food types you should abstain from eating or drinking to increase your chances for your first pregnancy:

– Alcoholic beverages can lower your chances of getting pregnant by as much as 50%, as results from several studies confirm. This is because alcohol suppresses the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from food. When the body lacks essential nutrients, its systems such as reproductive cannot function normally resulting to pregnancy difficulties.