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Quick Interventions to Lower the Blood Pressure

There are a number of factors why our blood pressure increases drastically but this should be alleviated immediately in order not to suffer the health consequences.

Doctor taking a patients blood pressure
Doctor taking a patients blood pressure

Hence, knowing how to lower blood pressure quickly can be a lot of help in the long run. The very first thing to do in order to lower the high blood pressure is to have deep breathing exercises. This will relax the muscles and promote proper oxidation in the blood vessels. Second, consume large quantities of dark chocolate or any foods like garlic that can lower the blood pressure quickly.

Cocoa in the dark chocolate has flavanoids which can cause the blood vessels to dilate and somehow improve the blood flow. Third, proper hydration should be done.

Drinking fluids with the necessary electrolytes can enhance fluid exchange thereby lowering the blood pressure.

Lastly, consume potassium rich foods like banana, squash, raisins and many others. Potassium will maintain a balance on the electrolytes and it will improve the contractions of the heart muscles.