Interventions for a Lower Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

There are some pregnant women who experience low blood pressure during pregnancy. Although this is not regarded as a risk on a woman’s health, it can cause dizziness and fainting which is a serious concern later on.


Dehydration can be the reason for a blood pressure to lower down. Aside from that, the pooling of blood to the legs makes the blood less available in the brain that is why dizziness and fainting are apparent.

However, these symptoms can be alleviated through different interventions. When dehydration is the reason for fainting, drinking lots of fluids is necessary. On the other hand, pregnant women should also lie on their side and not on their back.

This will promote proper circulation of blood to the woman and the fetus inside the womb. Regular exercises can also help the blood pressure remain in normal levels. Doing this regularly will promote a regular delivery and a normal blood pressure result.