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Prostate disease

However, due to its location near the urethra, a sufficiently en­larged prostate can cause urinary problems. Any change in urinary patterns should be brought to the attention of your doctor. If urine is not passing properly, there is a greater risk of kidney infection or cystitis.

If the flow of urine is blocked, treatment, including surgery, may be necessary. However, in most cases, an enlarged prostate is a benign, albeit annoying, condition. In fact, as in your case, you may be told to simply live with it. There are some herbs that are reputed to be good for prostate problems. In Germany, saw palmetto is a highly regarded treatment for mild prostate conditions, and is fast becoming popular in the United States. Take three 500 mg. capsules daily. Saw palmetto works well with pygeum, nettles, zinc, and beta sisosterol. Look for special formulas containing these ingredients. In addition, avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol, and try not to drink too much liquid before going to bed. (Similar to the popular hair growth product Propecia—Proscar in lower dosage—saw palmetto helps to control potent forms of testosterone that can promote hair loss.) The same prostate health formula that I take daily could stim­ulate hair growth.

Given the fact that about 40,000 men die of prostate cancer each year, I believe it is a disease that all men should know about. Al­though we don’t know precisely how to prevent prostate cancer, sev­eral studies indicate that diet can help reduce the risk. Adding a serving of soy foods to your diet daily (tofu, miso, tempeh, or soy milk) may help reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer. 1 hese foods contain hormonelike compounds that may help control stronger hormones within the body that trigger the growth of tu­mors. What’s the evidence? First, in countries where soybeans are a dietary staple, like Japan, the mortality rate from prostate cancer strikingly lower than it is in the west. Second, numerous and animal studies have confirmed that particular compo^ found in soy can inhibit the growth of prostate-tumor that man cannot live on soy alone; the good news is that doesnt have to.

One of America’s favorite foods, pizza, is alsofoods that may prevent prostate cancer. Cooked tomato-based prod­ucts, such as pizza sauce and other tomato sauces, contain a type of carotenoid, lycopene, which appear to block the growth of prostate tumors. Since lycopene is fat soluble, it is better absorbed when cooked and combined with a little fat, such as oil and cheese.