Mustard Health Benefits

basilMustard (Brassica nigra/juncea) is the tiny, black, brown or yellow seeds of the mustard plant which are available in dried form.


– Mustard oil stimulates circulation which helps palliate muscular pains and ease stiff muscles.

– The oil does not contain a high amount of saturated fatty acids and thus reduces the risk of coronary heart diseases.

–  Bronchitis and other respiratory problems can be cured with the help of Mustard seeds.

– It is an effective remedy against scorpion stings and snake bites.

–  Also   toothache, colic, rheumatism and epilepsy can be treated with mustard.

How to use Mustard

– Infuse the seeds in water and let it cool down for 5 minutes. Take this tea three times a day to cure bronchitis. It can also be an effective remedy for colds and fever.

– Intake of Mustard oil combined with Turmeric or Garlic will help in relieving muscular and joint pains.

–  Rub the oil or apply it as a poultice to soothe skin irritation.

–  Use Mustard oil as a bath oil to reduce the effect of colds.