Male Breast Enhancement

Male breast enhancement involves both breast reduction as well as breast enlargement. There are several reasons that a man would choose some form of breast enhancement.

In obese men, excess tissue accumulates over the pectoral region, giving an impression of feminine breasts. Also men who have higher levels of estrogen in their bodies have a tendency to have bigger breasts. These can now be surgically corrected by an operation called gynecomastia that is similar to liposuction. The surgeon makes an incision near the armpit and the extra tissue is disintegrated and withdrawn through it. This operation requires hospitalization for one or two days and is performed under anesthesia.

Some men with small pectoral muscles go for breast enlargement. Breast enlargement provides a contour to the pectoral area in men who are devoid of it. This is an implant operation similar to that done in women. The difference is that the silicone implant is much harder and there is no question of leakage. This is usually an outpatient operation that lasts only a couple of hours and the patient can resume work within a week.

As in women, there are herbal methods such as pills, capsules, and creams available for breast enlargement in men, but they do not work as effectively in men as they are specifically designed for female hormones. Exercise is another natural breast enlargement procedure implemented by many men.

The perspective regarding male breast enhancement is changing. In 2004 alone, there were about 14000 men in the US who went under the knife for gynecomastia. That makes breast enhancement surgery the fifth most popular cosmetic surgery in American males. Some men even get the skin around their areolas folded to make their nipples seem smaller. It is important to note that men who undergo breast enlargement have to wear bras till their new tissue settles with the older one.

Men who have breast enhancement surgeries done claim that it boosts their self-confidence. They are more at ease on beaches and in locker rooms. The notable point is that breast enhancement is not just a womans field anymore.