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Coconut Oil Diet

Seems counter intuitive to some to base a diet on an oil, I’m sure.  But the Coconut oil diet has really become the latest rage, and there’s good evidence to back it up.  You see, coconut oil is unusually rich in medium chain fatty acids (MCT) and lauric acid is the major fatty acid that is derived from the fat of the coconut, easy fuels for the body to burn. The use of coconut oil in the diet helps one to be lean and trim because coconut oil doesn’t convert itself to fat in the body. Coconut oil helps to convert the energy in the body much more quickly and also helps to increase the metabolism. Due to this, the fat in the body burns more effectively. This is because, coconut oil is an MCT, and it creates a lot of heat when converted into energy. In fact, it is said that coconut oil triples the calorie burn in the body and causes the increase in the metabolism and helps the body to burn fat more easily.

Despite the fact that coconut oil has higher levels of saturated fat, approximately 50% of the fatty acids in coconut fat are lauric acid and adding coconut oil as a substitute to polyunsaturated oils helps to suppress appetite, help with weight loss and boost the metabolism. Recent studies have shown that the use of coconut oil helps specifically those who follow an unhealthy lifestyle and some experts have suggested that reverting back to natural foods can definitely help to reverse most of the diseases through the highly refined diet of our modern society.

So how should you use the coconut oil?  Natural health practitioners are recommending about 3 tbsp a day.  Enjoy it in your cooking or add it to your morning shake.  It’s also great in baking.  Its also delicious on rice or just eaten alone.  Of course, you should maintain a healthy diet and exercise to lose weight.