Jojoba Oil Benefits and Uses

essential-oilsJojoba oil is a deep orange color and can interfere with some cosmetic applications. A clear version of jojoba oil is available if the bright color is a concern. It is known to clog pores when used in large amounts, so it’s best to blend a small amount with other carrier oils.

Shelf Life

Lasts a lifetime if properly stored in a cool, dark place. Jojoba oil can be blended with other oils to extend their shelf life.


Pleasant aroma. It’s one of the stronger carrier oil aromas, but isn’t off-putting. Once you’ve smelled it once, it’s easily recognizable.


Medium. Jojoba oil is called an oil, but it’s actually a wax. It still absorbs easily into the skin and is similar in viscosity to the oils secreted naturally by the skin.


Jojoba oil has the following benefits:

– Acne control.

– Anti-inflammatory.

– Anti-inflammatory.


– Cleanses skin.

– Dissolves excess sebum.

– Emollient.

-High in vitamin E.

– Moisturizes skin.


Aromatherapy, topical application, product creation. Can be consumed if labeled as edible.