How to Use Aloe Vera For Digestion and For Relief against Bloating

Taking Aloe Vera juice can fuel your digestive system to function the right way. Here are some ways on how you can take aloe vera for your health:

1. Take 1-2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera mixed with half a glass of water every day. For a more tolerable taste, you can try George’s Aloe. It does not have the bitter taste associated with aloe juice, and it is almost like having water. After the first week or so, you can take a break for two days and see if you feel different. However, until your digestive system is completely on track you may need to take it every day.

Most people resort to taking a daily dose of aloe vera as a preventive measure.

2. If you would like a fresher approach, you may want to prepare the juice yourself. All you have to do is to grill or roast the fresh aloe vera leaves over an open flame. Similar to what you would do when you grill eggplants or roast bell peppers.

Wait until the leaves are sort of charred, but not burnt. Remove the outer skin, leaving the gelatinous flesh which you can run through a blender. Make sure that you strain the pulp.

3. Aloe Vera Juice and gel can be mixed with peppermint tea to relieve bloating and to get rid of the bloating cousins – constipation and excess acid from your stomach.

Aloe vera can be consumed in the form of pure juice, pulp or gel. But there are other products available in the market which offer aloe vera in a convenient tablet form. Options like Aloeride may be suitable if you are not comfortable with ingesting green, slimy extracts.