How to test your memory

Memory is the centre of all human existence and loss of it can be very devastating. It is the memory of past events and happenings that shapes our future because it determines our future decision making processes, and how those decisions affect our lives. Memory is everything because it is also the cause for dreams and so one only sees what they have experienced sometime in the past and it remains in the subconscious. One may therefore, need to be sure that his memory is in prime condition because there are several advantages in this especially, the obvious one of having a better learning ability. Ways to test memory include:

Taking a memory test or quiz

Memory tests are available in the internet and you can take one anytime to test the level of your memory. You will be asked to remember names, addresses and past events that have happened in the recent past. Not only is this fun, it can help you diagnose whether you have a problem with keeping memories and therefore, give you a way to deal with your problem. Memory tests are very effective in making sure that you are in prime condition plus they are free and easily available. Search online for ‘Memory Test’ or similar phase.

Quizzes are the most effective way of knowing whether you are up to date in keeping memories. There are several reasons why you could be losing your memory and these are:


Nobody wants to hear it. It is responsible for almost ever}’ case of memory loss especially in old age. There are several factors that may predispose on to Alzheimer’s and so everyone should be on the constant lookout for this disease.


Rising levels of estrogen have been known to cause a lapse in the memory of aging women. This is accompanied by a loss of words to fill in during speech and also inability to concentrate.

Old age

As one ages, the brain function goes on a steady decline and this is why at some point very old people become senile. As such, there may be a constant decrease in memory and this is what should be tested.

Neurocognitive tests

When one does a normal quiz and flanks out, it is time to move on to the next level of memory testing. This is a comprehensive test with leading questions that will clearly define whether the person is

really retaining memories. The function of the test is to come out with a way to disturb the brain and arouse it to deep thinking.