Cayenne – Infection

When you start taking cayenne pepper as part of your daily diet, you are saying goodbye to infections. Cayenne pepper creates an environment in your body that does not tolerate infections. Cayenne pepper is high in Vitamin A as beta-carotene, which contains infection-fighting properties.

As you’ve seen by now, cayenne pepper never works in just one way. Its healing properties are numerous and impact the body in many ways. By improving blood circulation, for example, the infection-fighting cayenne pepper helps the body bring toxins to the surface quickly. By raising the body temperature, cayenne pepper helps the body eliminate these toxins through perspiration.

Cayenne pepper, with its stimulant properties, also stimulates the lymph system to fight infections. The immune system begins to work more efficiently, keeping new infections from taking up residence.

Cayenne pepper also strengthens and protects the body’s cells and tissues, making it tougher for infections to penetrate the cells. The capsaicin in cayenne pepper targets the epithelial cells of the body. These cells make up the internal and external linings of the body, including the skin. This is where infections pass through into the body, especially in the digestive system, the circulatory system and the skin. By building healthier, stronger epithelial cells, cayenne pepper works in yet another way to reduce the risk of infection.