Herbal supplements for stress

stressThe truth is that not everyone can bear taking prescription drugs for stress. Fortunately, it is good news that you can find quick relief with natural supplements and may not have to resort to using drugs. Some natural herbal supplements can now be used to treat anxiety and stress. These include but are not limited to Valerian, Sam-e, St John’s Wort as well as Kava Kava. There are convincing reports and testimonies which show profound benefits that these supplements have had in the treatment of stress disorders.

It is interesting that many of these herbal supplements can replace vital components of your diet. Research has shown that some of these supplements contain vitamin B-12. This vitamin is known to be absent in those who suffer from depression and stress. Let us discuss some of these herbal supplements that have been known to cure millions of people in the world over from their stress and depression attacks.

St John’s Wort

This is yet another popular herb with long usefulness in the treatment of stress as well as other related disorders. In general, this herb can be bought at natural health stores or drug stores in your area. St John’s Wort can help treat stress and depression quite easily in a natural way. It has been in use for ages, and has been the main depression therapy used by generations of centuries past. According to a research carried out, St John’s Wort in the same way the SSRIs would increase the amount of the mood-boosting chemical in the brain.

You need to know that St John’s Wort can be phototoxic – this means that your body system may react negatively if you go out in the sun after taking the herbal remedy. Apart from its primary efficacy in the treatment of anxiety and depression, St John’s Wort is also very effective in the treatment of muscle pain, digestive problems as well as hypertension. Common side effects reported by some people who have used the herbal remedy include dry mouth, dizziness as well as headaches. If you are a woman on a birth control, please be informed that research has shown that St John’s Wort is known to reduce the effect of the medication. So, you should take action as deemed appropriate to achieve good results with your birth control plan.

Kava Kava

This is one of the most prominent herbal supplements used to treat anxiety and stress. Although there were studies claiming that the herb could damage the liver. The claims have since been disputed because even the common pain medications too have been known to cause damage, especially when abused. Nevertheless, it is vital you do not take other medications for anxiety when using Kava for therapy. In addition, it is not advisable to use the herb on daily basis. Because you ordinarily do not suffer any major side effects, the high relaxing effects that could be achieved when using the herb is almost surprising!

Little wonder why so many people across the world have preferred the use of Kava as treatment instead of the usual drug medication. The Kava treatment is known to show high relieving effects in various cases of anxiety. Specifically, it works well for slight or moderate anxiety. However, bear in mind that Kava treatment is not beneficial for the treatment of severe anxiety or an individual who currently experiences full blown attack of anxiety. It is not known to be habit-forming and is considered safe and effective for the treatment of anxiety in as much it is not abused. If you are not on any medications for anxiety treatment and you wish to have full control over your condition, Kava may be the perfect therapy for you.