Health benefits of basil

basilThere are many health benefits of basil. The medicinal properties of this plant come from its essential oils and its other active elements. Its leaves, roots, and seeds have medicinal components that can be used to treat several ailments.

Apart from its medicinal content, basil is also a common natural remedy for various ailments because of its effectiveness and availability. It is also very economical.

Listed below are the natural remedies using the therapeutic properties of basil that have been tested through time:

Maintaining good health. You may chew its leaves or make a mixture out of this herb and drink it daily. You can also soak the leaves in water and drink the water for your optimum health.

Treating flu. The leaves of this herb are very effective in treating flu with fever. In folk medicine, this herb is used to prevent against diseases common during the rainy seasons. If you have fever, you can create a concoction made of basil dried leaves, powdered cardamom, sugar and milk. Drink it while its fresh. It can help in lowering your high temperature.

Using it for sore throat. Whether it is caused by too much shouting or a virus, basil can be used to alleviate it. You just need to boil its leaves and drink it. If you do not like its taste, you can simply gargle it. Your sore throat will be gone in one to three days.

Alleviating respiratory disorder. Basil is also good in treating respiratory disorders, such as bronchitis, cough, and cold. By mixing basil leaves, honey and ginger, the symptoms of your asthma, cough and cold will be relieved. For influenza, you can mix its leaves with common salt and cloves. Then, take the mixture to have immediate relief for this condition.

Expelling kidney stones. Having kidney stones can take a toll on your life. Your doctor may recommend surgical operation to remove the stones. But before you do so, you must try expelling them by drinking the juice of this herb’s leaves. Honey can also be added. If you take it each day for six months, your kidney stones will be removed from your urinary tract.

Treating common ailments in children. Kids’ immune system is still weak. But it can be strengthened out by letting them drink a juice made of basil leaves. This juice is especially beneficial for kids suffering from fever, diarrhea, vomiting. Your kids may also take basil leaves with saffron to delay the appearance of the pustules caused by chicken pox.

Reducing levels of cholesterol in the blood. Having increased blood cholesterol is not good for your cardiovascular system. With the help of basil leaves, you can reduce its level and prevent yourself from getting cardiac disease.

Alleviating insect bites. Through the curative properties of basil, you can take it to alleviate the stings and bites of insects. You just need to apply fresh juice of basil to the affected areas. You can also create a paste out of the herb’s roots and apply the paste to the bites.

Treating ringworm. Basil is also effective in treating skin diseases, like ringworm and leucoderma.

Strengthening the teeth. Teeth disorders can be prevented or treated by using dried basil leaves for brushing your teeth. Or you can mix the leaves with mustered oil to use it as a toothpaste. It does not only treat teeth disorders, but it is also good to help you maintain dental health, prevent bad breath and gum diseases.

Treating headaches. If you frequently have headaches, you should try the therapeutic effects of basil. You just need to pound its leaves and mix it with sandalwood paste. Apply the mixture to your forehead.

Getting rid of acne. This skin condition can be annoying, especially if it appears during the most important day of your life. But you can get rid of the breakouts by applying a mixture of crushed leaves of basil, lemon juice and mint to the blemishes. You should do this until the blemishes are gone.

The natural remedies listed above have been tested and proven by herbalists. However, you must still ask the opinion of your doctor if basil is good for your condition.