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Crohn’s Diet Testing For Allergy or Flare Up Foods

crohnOne of the most important things in your life if you have Crohn’s is going to be how you change you diet, menus, meal planning and the recipes you use to prepare your food. You simply can’t eat like you used to and still be able to control or cure your Crohn’s.

You and only you are in control of the foods that enters your mouth, and food selection is your very own responsibility. You will have a large variety of foods to choose on this diet plan and your objective is going to be to reduce the flare-ups of Crohn’s and still get a well-balanced nutritious diet. You will need to keep track of every bite that goes into your mouth. The suggestions that I make are just some guides for you to go by, but the choice of what you want to eat is up to you.

While you are on this diet, you need to get in touch with your body and find out what food really means to you in your lifestyle and happiness.

Your diet must be well balanced and nutritious, but at the same time filled with foods that won’t upset your digestive system.

A lot of your diet choices will depend on what stage the disease has advanced in your digestive system. You must discuss all these diet problems with your doctor and a dietician, but for now we are going to recommend some of the foods you should be eating and some you should leave completely alone.

If you are already in an advanced stage of Crohn’s you may not be able to take part in this Crohn’s allergy and flare-up offending foods testing. Get a good dietician and work with him or her to find the best diet you can.

This diet won’t work without a few things that you are going to have to do for yourself. You are going to have to do several flare-up or allergy tests to test for foods that could be causing your Crohn’s to flare up at times. Once you have found these offending foods, you will be able to plan your diet.

The first thing you need to do is get a food diary. Get a small one that will fit in your purse or pocket. At the top of the first page, write down everything you normally eat. If you already know what some of the foods are that trigger flare-ups, then make a list of those foods right now. These are the foods that you are not going to eat ever if you want to get well. If you don’t know or have any idea which foods are causing your flare-ups, then you are going to start the flare-up tests for those foods.

You are going to be reviewing your diet, foods you ate for the day, making plans for the day and are going to be entering them into your diary daily. You are going to spend some time in the evening reviewing your diary on what you ate, and write a few words on how you felt after you ate them along with which ones you think could be causing your flare-ups if you know.

Here are some of the foods that are known to be offenders in the digestive system or that you maybe allergic to:

Milk and Dairy

Any Of the Brassicas, Cabbage, Broccoli and etc.

Any Vegetables or Fruit With Rough Skins and The Seeds

Beans or Lentils

Beer, Wine or Cocktails

Canned Meat Especially Fish

Coffee Or Tea

Corn Or Wheat Fats Or Oils Fiber and Fiber Foods Fried Foods.

Nuts or Seeds or The Butter From Them Spicy Foods, Smoked Barbecues.

I know this list of foods that could be the flare-up foods looks like everything we normally eat but don’t worry, not all these foods could be the offending foods for you. You are going to spend some time finding the ones that are offending your digestive system.

This is really a very easy test to do as all you are going to do is eat certain foods that you normally eat, starting with breakfast, and you will be writing a report on them and how these foods affected your digestive system. You will write on how you felt after eating them, and how you felt without them.