Cranberry Seed Oil Benefits and Uses

essential-oilsCranberry seed oil is a relative newcomer to the world of carrier oils, but it brings a lot to the table. It’s packed with a unique blend of nutrients that the other carrier oils don’t have.

Shelf Life

1 to 2 years if stored in a cool, dark place.


Fruity. Tang. Slightly pungent.


Thin to medium. Easily penetrates the skin. Non-greasy.


Cranberry seed oil has the following benefits:

– Anti-inflammatory.

-Enhances cognitive function.

– High in fatty acids and vitamins A and E.

– May block UV rays (more testing is needed).

– Moisturizes skin.

– Nourishes skin.

– Relieves dry, itchy skin.

– Strong antioxidant.


Aromatherapy, topical application, product creation. Can be consumed if labeled as edible.