Cayenne – Headaches

Cayenne pepper is known for its immediate action, and that includes pain relief. Cayenne pepper, when taken internally, gives immediate relief of pain. That is a blessing for those who suffer migraines and other chronic headaches.

Cayenne pepper doesn’t stop at simply providing pain relief. That alone might be enough benefit to cause migraine sufferers to add cayenne pepper to their daily diet. But there’s more. Cayenne pepper, because of its anti-inflammatory properties, works also to reduce the swelling that causes the headache pain.

You’d be surprised to see how much cayenne tea can help you. I started drinking V4 teaspoon cayenne dissolved in a cup of hot water… and when I started feeling better, I upped it to a full teaspoon of cayenne. I drank this three times a day, and what doyou know? My sinuses, which I used to have to flush out two or three times a day, were just draining away.

This little spice regulates blood flow, and evens it out, to take the pressure away from the painful areas. It warms and soothes. It also strengthens and nourishes the capillaries that are such a prominent source of the pain in migraines.

By dealing with the underlying health deficits that cause the headaches, and bringing overall improvement, cayenne pepper works not only for headache relief, but as a preventative. If you can make your migraines stop hurting, and then make them disappear altogether, it’s worth adding a little spice to your life.