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Cayenne – blood circulation

Why does cayenne pepper do so much for so many parts of the body? One reason is the way cayenne pepper leads to better blood circulation. Healthy blood circulation is a key to life and good health. Cayenne pepper works in the blood in many ways.

Cayenne pepper helps dilate arterial walls for better blood flow. It builds up arterial cells for healthy functioning – and helps eliminate varicose veins. It also eliminates plaque and mucus from the blood vessels. It helps with the creation of new, healthy red blood cells which deliver iron and oxygen and other nutrients to the cells of the body. Cayenne also helps eliminate conditions for heart attacks and strokes.

The health of the blood vessels is just the beginning. Cayenne pepper also regulates blood pressure, keeping it steady. This benefits individuals with high or low blood pressure conditions. While cayenne pepper regulates blood pressure, it also produces a stronger blood flow and more red blood cells. Stronger flow without more pressure — that is the way the body was designed to move nutrients to the cells.

Because cayenne pepper keeps the blood flow steady, it helps stop excessive bleeding, externally and internally. It takes the bleeding away from one concentrated area and evens it out, throughout the body. This allows the blood at the wound site to clot more quickly. We all know how hard it is to stop internal bleeding. It even heals bleeding of the lungs. What a gift this little spice is when a person experiences internal bleeding.

At the same time, cayenne pepper brings blood to the surface, so it helps eliminate toxins efficiently without excessive bleeding – that is pretty amazing! Yet it also helps eliminate conditions of excessive blood clotting, because it regulates the blood to flow evenly throughout the body.

Good circulatory health is at the root of improved overall health for the body. Cayenne pepper heals circulation on a systemic level – it brings overall circulatory health. This is also where the numerous healing properties of capsaicin become apparent. Cayenne pepper’s stimulant property helps stimulate the circulatory system, even while it works on the blood vessels, blood flow and blood cells in all these other ways. It also helps the kidneys to function better as they clean the blood.

For blood pressure problems, high or low, I simply take in a mixture that it one part cayenne, two parts garlic, and another part ginger. For thick, fatty blood and cholesterol problems, I use one part cayenne, one part garlic, and three parts Red Clover blossoms (the blossoms should be red-violet and not brown). For general circulation problems, 1 part cayenne pepper and 1 part ginger root are all I need to get my blood back to normal.

Another benefit to the effect of cayenne pepper on circulation is that it warms the body, preventing chills. This warming effect works throughout the entire circulatory system, extending throughout the body. That’s great for winter, but what about summer? In the same way, cayenne pepper also has a cooling effect on the body. The cooling action is prompted in the body in response to the heat of the pepper. Proper heating and cooling of the body leads to healthier living in all seasons.