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Causes of weight-gain and how yoga can help

Before tacking problems related to weight, you need to find out the hidden reasons behind your weight-gain and take proper measures to eliminate them. Many people are under the assumption that excessive eating is the only reason for them gaining weight. While this is partly true, there are many less-known and hidden causes of this problem. Some of you may have noticed that although you maintain a strict diet, you do not experience any loss of weight. Here are a few common factors that can affect the numbers that show up on your weighing scale.


Stress is one of the leading causes of weight-gain and several other health issues. When a person is stressed out, a biochemical process in the body gets triggered. This slows down the metabolism and generates chemicals that are responsible for abdominal fat.

On top of this, many people use eating as a coping mechanism and they tend to rely on food during stressful situations. Most of these stress-eaters prefer foods that are high in carbohydrates, as they trigger the release of serotonin in the body and result in a calming effect. It’s important to remember that food is only a temporary fix to stress and it does not deal with the primary cause of stress.

Proper sleep can provide significant relief from stress, along with healthy food and exercises. Practicing yoga relaxation techniques is the best way to cope with stressful situations and fight weight-gain.

Anxiety and depression

Just like stress, anxiety and depression may be just psychological but they also have a lasting effect on your weight. Many patients of anxiety or depression also turn to food when their feelings of hopelessness or worry increase. Some medications used in the treatment of depression and mood disorders can also cause weight-gain.

If you are a patient of any of these conditions, consult your doctor and find out if they can prescribe you medication that doesn’t increase your weight. Tiy to maintain a healthy diet that also alternates as a natural anti-depressant. Yoga can also help keep away negative thoughts and suicidal feelings.

Other medical conditions

don’t give it up immediately, try to limit your meat intake to 1-2 times a week.

Since yoga is a form of relaxation technique, it also emphasizes on eating calmly and slowly. Try not to force yourself to swallow your food and chew properly every time you eat something. Make sure that you carefully chew your first mouthful till it naturally falls down your throat. This eases digestion and also helps you extract all the nutrients from the food.

Remember that even the most nutritious foods cannot be digested properly if eaten too quickly, while less-nutritious food items can easily be digested if you chew slowly. When you don’t chew food properly, it releases harmful toxins in your body that can adversely affect your health.