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Why You Need Weight Training To Lose Fat

There’ve so many misunderstanding in weight training. People often think that weight training is just for weight lifting and bodybuilding exercise.

Now, the weightlifters and bodybuilders do train with weights. However, a certified fat-loss specialist knows that weight training is very essential.

So, it’s back to the question – Why do you need weight training to lose fat?

In order to lose fat, you must absolutely deal with strength. Those aerobic exercises could help but not much.


Because when you exercise, you are — among many other important things — burning calories. Never mind if they are “fat calories” or “carb calories.” You’re burning calories.

Now, where in the body are most calories burned? Inside a little structure called the mitochondrion. It is like a power station of the cell. And where are these mitochondria found? In the muscles!

So let’s do the logic.

If you don’t challenge your muscles, they wither at a rate of about a half-pound every year. Your weight may stay the same, but your body composition will change. It means you’ve more fat, less muscle and same weight!

Of course, you can lose weight with aerobics alone. But often you’ll wind up with a shrunk version of flabby body. Significant muscle tone, definition, vitality and strength can rarely being achieved from cardio work alone.

Therefore, go ahead and use your weights. You can use them anywhere, anytime. These tools help you to burn calories while you’re resting, watching TV, working at your desk etc. In fact, use them whenever you can. You need to train your body to efficiently burn away fat calories.

Here’s one frugal way of weight training.

While you’re sitting in front of TV, lift a heavy book up and down. Not enough? Well, put it on your legs to tone your leg muscles!

It doesn’t need to be strenuous. You only need something heavy enough to work against the gravity.

In fact, mild weight training exercise is often recommended for obese people with heart problem by many doctors. They just need to sit down, relax, and lift weights to burn calories. As they progress, they could add extra weights.

Should you start an aerobic program to lose weight? It depends because you must observe your body condition. Sometimes, you heart cannot take the pace of aerobic exercise. This is not good for your heart because you’re in fact causing strain to your cardiovascular, which could be fatal.

If possible, it is better to take a very slow walk in the morning. When you’re watching TV at night, do your weight training.

Remember this: Weight training is your greatest asset in weight management and weight loss. And there’s a good chance that you’re going to love it. It is easy and not as sophisticated as other forms of weight lose program.