Why Raw Juicing – What Are The Benefits?

noni-juiceIt’s common knowledge that many people aren’t getting enough fruit and vegetables in their diet and having a raw juice daily will give you added and improved levels of nutrients. When you prepare the ingredients for a raw juice, whichever they may happen to be, you will probably find that if you were to try to eat the same amount of fresh and un-juiced fruit and vegetables you would not be able to consume that amount of food in one sitting. Whereas, if you juice that same amount of fruit and vegetables it would amount to one or two glasses of delicious and nutritious juice. Much easier to consume and gain the required nutrition.

Raw juices can be easier on your digestive system – allowing your body to absorb the nutrients in the raw juices more readily without working your digestive system as hard. When you eat either cooked or raw food that hasn’t been juiced it’s much harder on our digestive system. The process starts with the chewing action and producing saliva to start to break down the food you’re consuming.

Many nutritionists say that the more you chew your food the better digestion vou will have. As vou chew your food it will be broken down to a degree whereby your body will not have to work as hard to digest it. Therefore juicing is a much better option for getting nutrition into your body in the fastest and easiest way possible.

It is often easier to drink a raw juice and absorb the nutrients you require than eat the same amount of vegetables and fruit. When I’m preparing the amount of food to be juiced I usually have a casserole dish on the kitchen bench to hold the washed and prepared ingredients. I can then see exactly how much fruit and veg. will be put through the juicer and can ascertain how much juice will be produced.

It can be a lot easier to get children, and even some adults, to consume the required amount of fruit and vegetables in a raw juice than in the solid form. We all know that children – as well as some adults – can be very fussy eaters. A delicious and nutritious juice can overcome the traumas of being faced with a piece of broccoli or pumpkin someone has developed pre-conceived ideas about. You can even very sneakily, include an adequate amount of broccoli into the juice and disguise the taste with a sweet piece of apple or pineapple.

Fresh fruit and vegetables can have an amazing taste, especially if you are able to use the freshest organic available. If you experiment with the types of ingredients and the quantities you will find the exact taste that suits your individual requirements. There are many different tastes you can develop and at some stage you will discover the exact taste that appeals to your particular tastebuds. There’ll be no stopping you then.

Juices – especially vegetables juices – can greatly enhance your weight loss journey. Vegetable juices have less sugar content than fruit juices therefore juices with a higher vegetable content will be more beneficial in helping you lose weight combined with a properly balanced and selected diet.

Fruit is packed with fructose – a natural sugar – but all the same a sugar and unless used as energy will metabolise into fat. It is more beneficial to keep to mainly vegetable juices if you are wanting to lose those dreaded pounds.

Your body is able to absorb up to 99% of the nutritional value in a juice. There is less energy required to break down the food eaten thus allowing the body to work on absorbing the nutritional goodness in the juice. As the selected ingredients have been juiced there is then a concentrated supply of vital nutrients available for the body to process in the easiest and most available way.

You can vary the taste of the juice according to your individual liking by adding either water to dilute it, a piece of fruit to add the required sweetness or conversely another piece of vegetable to lessen the sweetness.

Juices can start to eliminate toxicity in the body and bring your body back to a more acceptable alkaline level. It’s a long known fact that our bodies are required to be more alkaline than acid in form to achieve optimal levels of health. By mainly consuming cooked or processed food we are eating food with a mainly acidic nature. By consuming more juices you are starting on a journey of returning your body to a more alkaline level and thus a healthier and more life sustaining lifestyle.

Due to the fast paced life-style many of us are leading now – coffee, tea, alcohol and prescription drug use along with smoking and polluted environments – we need to cleanse our body and rest the organs – especially the liver and gall bladder.