What is clean eating ?

wildberriesThis is a question I hear often, but it has such a simple answer. Clean eating is very straightforward, and it doesn’t  even count as a diet; it’s more of a lifestyle.

Clean eating is a  concept that you need to embrace; a concept that revolves  around the idea of knowing what your food contains and where it comes from. To put it simpler, clean eating simply means avoiding processed foods. Processing refers to food that has been processed before, such as many canned goods, white flour (and pastries made with it), and foods that have ingredients you can’t identify.

As a general rule, processed instant oatmeal, The problems with these foods is that they’ve been processed so much that part of (or all) the nutrients have been destroyed. Moreover, often additives are added to preserve the food longer, to make it look better, improve its taste, and make it irresistible. But these additives have been linked to serious  health problems, including cancer, so they shouldn’t be part of anyone’s diet.