Healthy super food selection in wooden and porcelain china bowls and spoons. High in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and anthocyanins.

What are superfoods?

Superfood is a group of products in which the concentration of nutrients exceeds the concentration of nutrients in 99% of other foods. Superfoods are commonly referred to as something between food and medicine.

Superfood’s description and definition sounds as if you’re reading about some super healthy supplement, but it’s still considered to be food.

What kind of superfood is there?

Superfoods are: roots, seeds, leaves, seaweed, berries and other plant parts that are used in the form of powders, juices and extracts. They grow, usually in remote places of the planet like the Amazon and Tibet, but you do not have to drive so far in order to

get them: the most common products of this category can be easily ordered online or bought in health food stores. Convenient? Definitely!

The chemical composition of superfoods is not like of common food: it exceeds the concentration of protein, vitamins, minerals, essential acids, antioxidants and other nutrients with a minimum number of calories. Isn’t it great? You get a product that gives your body everything it requires and you don’t gain excess weight. That’s fantastic, if you ask me.

A list of diseases that supposedly can be avoided by eating superfoods can take half of this article, so let’s not dwell on that. But generally speaking, by eating superfoods you become stronger, more energetic, more fit and healthier.

But that’s not it. The beauty industry has seriously shifted its focus to superfoods, moving it from grocery shelves right into jars of creams and shower gels. Skincare, haircare and other -care products supposedly stimulate the growth of nails and hair, while improving the skin color and getting rid of acne, rashes and allergies on the skin.