Tips for a Good Sleep !

Woman sleeping on a comfortable bed in the clouds
Woman sleeping on a comfortable bed in the clouds
Woman sleeping on a comfortable bed in the clouds

Currently, 20% less sleep than they did 100 years ago. Doctors say that insomnia is a disease that can affect not only the concentration but also the immune system. Given the impact that it has on our health this condition, doctors advised us to ask a specialist to help treat insomnia.
● Create a ritual before bed. That our parents were with us when we were little, a very good reason. One such habit helps us send them our brain that we prepare for sleep.

● Turn your bedroom into a sleeping comfortable. Make sure the room where you sleep is neither too cold nor too hot. Also, the bedroom should be ventilated and free of light sources can disrupt your sleep.

● Cancel to stop using your cell phone as a clock. Phone or other gadget does not belong next to you in bed. Most times it will tempt you to double-check your mail or even play. One such habit will make you sleep too late.

● Take a deep breath before sleep. Breathing techniques will help you fall asleep faster.

● Try to relax all the muscles before bedtime. Thus, to get away from everyday stress and to be able to fall asleep faster.

● Try to keep your mind occupied. Before sleep even mental exercises can give results to combat insomnia. Count sheep in mind or counts down from 100 to 0 in three.

● Get out of bed. Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic’s Sleep Disorders Center say that unless you fall asleep after 30 minutes in bed, then it is better to get up out of bed.

● Before sleep waive worry. Anxiety do nothing more than exacerbate insomnia.

● Make sure your alarm clock is as far away from you. The ticking clock often does not let us sleep.

● Daydreaming. A good exercise to sleep as quickly assumed to imagine a nice place or why not vacation dreams. This will help you relax.

● Do sport. Doctors say that insomnia is often encountered among sedentary people. Sports will help you get really tired before you put to sleep.

● Invest in a quality pillow. Studies have shown that a large proportion of people experiencing insomnia have quality pillows to support them both head and the neck.