The secret of food

Each main organ has its color and taste. Then, food of the same color and taste affects mainly this organ.

Cabbage and lettuce (green) help the liver and gall.

Red – from the pepper to the tomato – strengthens the heart and blood circulation.

Yellow, the banana and the lemon, has a beneficial effect on one’s mind (physically, on the gall-bladder).

Pickles and pickled vegetables in general strengthen the liver, bitter vegetables, on the contrary, are beneficial to blood circulation and intestines.

Who likes sweets does well to his / her stomach and the spleen, because the sweet taste strengthens these organs.

Hot chili cleans the lungs and the large intestine; herring is beneficial to the kidneys and the urinary bladder.

Do not forget, however, that much does not always bring the best and many times, it works on the contrary.