The Best Remedies for Sore Throats

Even with my commitment to spending $20 bucks on organic produce every 10 days or so (which eventually turned into an lifestyle), there have been times where I’ve felt sore throats knocking at my door with heavy hands, begging to come in during the past 2 l/2-plus years that I haven’t been sick. This caught me by surprise initially, but each time I stayed the course, trusted in my immune system and immediately went into “flood my body with nutrition” mode.

Of course, you can’t have a good flood without water (clean spring or filtered water), so my first step in these cases was to immediately begin drinking more throughout the course of the day. As a general rule you want to sip it with your meals (while chewing thoroughly) while drinking larger amounts on the side, especially first thing in the morning so you can replenish the water your system needs to support vital processes.

Drinking more water and putting myself in a positive, healing frame of mind was the first step for me in these cases where my throat felt scratchy. I knew I was in for a fight but with the right weapons, I was able to eradicate my pending sore

throat each and every time. In addition to the long term steps above, here’s what else I did to “flood my body with nutrition” and stop sore throats in their tracks:

-Take anti-bacterial and anti-viral foods throughout your day(s)- This is perhaps the most important thing you can do, and many of these foods are under-appreciated for their positive effects on health. As we discussed in the causes section, viruses and bacteria are the biggest contributors to a sore throat. Check out the resources section for products I recommend in this category, since many mainstream brands are overly processed and/or heated and can’t be trusted.

For me personally, my ace in the hole has always been cold-pressed, unheated coconut oil. There have been entire books written about the benefits of coconut oil and one of them is its anti-viral strength. Many AIDS patients even use coconut oil to suppress the effects of the virus, and sore throat-causing viruses are easily removed in many cases with coconut oil. Drinking 2-3 smoothies with fruit, coconut oil and milk, and other healthy options such as bee pollen are usually all I need to squash any potential sore throat before it evolves past the scratchy throat stage. You can also simply take a teaspoon of it 2-6 times a day and make sure you have drink enough clean water along with it.

Raw garlic is also one of the most potent sore throat fighters in this category, but make sure to buy it fresh and organic whenever possible and to eat it raw. Cooked garlic helps but ultimately destroys many of the key enzymes your body needs to properly digest this superfood. Raw garlic can be added to green smoothies (along with’s an acquired taste) or simply put in a homemade olive oil based salad dressing.

Oil of orégano is perhaps the most potent and concentrated of all of nature’s wonderfoods for fighting bacteria and viruses and has a long history in Greek and other natural medicine systems. You can buy this in small containers, but don’t worry because a little bit goes a long way. It will also soothe throat symptoms if rubbed on topically.

Taking foods and supplements like these is much betLer than overpriced drugs with complicating side effects that are only used for one purpose. Drugs often create other complications, such as antiobiotics that destroy good bacteria in your system along with the bad, or nutritional deficiencies, and they often only cover up symptoms instead of addressing the root of the problem.

These are the three most powerful foods or supplements I’ve found; colloidial silver is perhaps even stronger but more expensive. Be sure to consume these throughout the day to keep sore throats at bay.

-Ratchet up the Vitamin D!- Most sore throats happen during the cold months in cold-weather states, and it’s no coincidence. Flu season is really just a code phrase for a lack of intense sunlight meaning a lack of Vitamin D in the body. When you feel a sore throat coming in, get some sun if at all possible and be sure to supplement with high-dosage natural Vitamin D. If you do have a sore throat in warm weather, go outside and relax in the sun for much of the day, and try to go barefoot if you can on a beach or in the grass. Recent research suggests that having your bare feet “grounded” helps tremendously in the healing in process.

-Don’t forget the Vitamin C- Many people head overseas (from America) to seek out intravenous Vitamin C treatments, which have been proven to be promising in healing diseases that are otherwise tricky to deal with. Using this same concept, I constructed my own plan to heal pending diseases such as sore throats. It involves lots of water and high quality Vitamin C.

The best sources for Vitamin C are always whole fruits and vegetables, never drinks or vitamins with absorbic acid as a main ingredient Oranges, various types of peppers, strawberries, grapefruit, acai (South American) berries, broccoli, and many other citrus and green vegetables as well as berries.