Test: Synergy-ISO-7 2Kg Double Choc Cookie

PhD Synergy-ISO-7 is yet another cracking sports nutrition product from PhD Supplements and the new formula boasts high levels of creatine monohydrate avena sativa glutamine peptides and MCT oils. To read the manufacturer’s information and breakdown of all the active ingredients in PhD Synergy-ISO-7 – New Formula please see below. At Affordable Supplements this is one of the most the most popular PhD supplements products at our supplement store. The universal benefits it can bring to both amateur and professional athletes are well documented and lean mass building alongside a well regimented training schedule is strong. If you need any help please contact us at Affordable Supplements or use our online chat facility. Synergy-ISO-7 a premium all in one sports nutrition product designed to maximize the various needs of all modern-day athletes. Modern-living demands we all have busy lives and these time constraints can often seriously hamper our nutritional choices. Very often do we even have time to eat 6 times daily let alone find time to take the individually-packed supplements we need to progress. With Synergy-ISO-7 all our result-producing supplemental-requirements are taken care of in one great-tasting drink. New and Improved: Synergy-ISO-7 has been improved to now contain: 5G Creatine Monohydrate per single serving Avena Sativa to boost the Methyl-Test strength stack Added Glutamine Peptides to assist muscle repair and recovery MCT oils to aid with lean mass building. Synergy-ISO-7 is designed to assist with the 5 most important goals sought by modern-day athletes: Increase power and assist strength gains. Maximise the natural anabolic hormonal production for lean mass gains. Assist recovery and repair from a demanding training schedule.

After researshing for a good all round protein shake in various websites i picked Synergy Iso-7 for having all i needed to start trainning again after one year recovering from an injury… I was looking for a shake that could give me a boost before training and recovery for after training. i tried Cyclone before but found Synergy Iso-7 easier on my stomach and my pocket and it tastes great with water (only tried Double Choc Cookie)!! I’ve been taking it for 6 weeks now and all my friends have noticed the difference! I’ve gained noticeable lean mass and have more energy in the gym!

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