Supplements to Fight Aging – L-Carnosine

collagen-womanL-Carnosine is a naturally occurring dipeptide of the amino acids alanine and histidine. It protects against dementia and possible Alzheimer’s disease, can rejuvenate cells that are senescent, normalizes body functions including blood flow, brain wave patterns (by acting as a neurotransmitter), and immune response, and may play a crucial role in preventing seizures. That’s quite a bit of work for one supplement!

A study in fruit flies showed a 36% lifespan increase for female flies when combined with vitamin E, but no effect without. Male flies experienced 20% lifespan increase without the need for vitamin E supplementation.

Diabetics and pre-diabetics frequently have lower levels of carnosine than healthy peers. The elderly also exhibit lower levels of carnosine than younger adults. Carnosine may be helpful for treating diabetes and maintaining general health,

since it helps signal the body during exercise to burn fat, regulate sugar and insulin, and control appetite. L-Carnosine also has anti-inflammatory properties, and helps with wound healing – the real question is what can’t L-carnosine do!

Individuals undergoing chemotherapy may find L-Carnosine useful, since it protects against negative side effects of chemotherapy. This supplement also protects against diabetic nerve damage and neuropathy, cataracts, and impaired kidney function, and works against telomere shortening.

At one point, due to a wide array of poor-quality Carnosine supplements on the market, people began to think it was ineffective. Even researchers were confused about the compound’s potential until the quality was determined to be crucial to Carnosine’s effectiveness. Additionally, this little anti-aging miracle fell out of favor when new fads arrived, such as Resveratrol and Acai berry products. Despite the bad press it was given for a few years, Carnosine is believed to be very quick acting and effective. In fact, one study on cells which were immersed in Carnosine demonstrated a 300% increase in lifespan, and mice given Carnosine in a Russian experiment were twice as likely to reach their maximum lifespan as mice that didn’t take Carnosine. These mice even had younger- looking, glossier fur and behaved youthfully!

Scientists and doctors are fascinated by the potential for L-Carnosine as an anti-aging therapy. The compound is still being studied extensively as a result, and numerous studies already exist demonstrating its abilities as a wound healer and brain protector, among other things. Current recommended doses range from 100 mg-1500 mg per day.