Salmon – Health Benefits

salmonToday, Salmon is considered a very popular food and it is generally categorized as an oily fish. Over the past few years when the demand of Salmon food increased the production of Salmon in aquaculture farms also increased. Today a large number of Salmon fish is farmed in aqua ponds and is delivered to meet the consumption requirements of the fish as food. Other wild fish captured from the oceans are used as food for Salmon in these aquaculture farms. Although with modern advancements it is now considered safe and healthy to farm Salmon fish as there are weeds available which can produce wild organisms in farming ponds which are necessary for the growth of Salmon fish. Almost 90% of the Atlantic Salmon now available is obtained by farming while Pacific Salmon is mostly caught from the wild and not farmed. In the United States, almost all the canned Salmon is Pacific Salmon or the wild Salmon and farmed Salmon is more commonly not canned.

Salmon food is not common in America or England but it is also widely consumed in many parts of Asia especially Japan, Korea and India. There are many different recipes available to cook Salmon and it is served in many different types like baked, fried and grilled along with boiled vegetables, plain rice, fries and different types of sauces. In Japan, it is most commonly used to make Sushi.

Salmon Health Benefits

Salmon is not only great in taste but it also contains a number of health benefits which makes it the most popular type of fish to eat. Salmon is highly nutritious, it contains a large number of proteins, magnesium, selenium and an excellent source of B12, B6, and Vitamin D. Canned Salmon or wild Salmon contains the bones of fish in them, wThich also makes it a good source of Calcium. The most important ingredient of the Salmon is omega-3 fats, which are mostly responsible to reduce inflammation in humans. Thus, it can help in reducing the risk factors of many fatal diseases like heart diseases, arthritis and diabetes. The omega-3 fats also resist the body from making blood clots, which in turn reduce the chances of a heart stroke. A modern research suggests that people having omega-3 fats in a sufficient amount are less likely to have suicidal risks and depression and it also reduces the aggression in behaviors. Omega-3 fats are not produced by the human body but are very helpful to keep the body healthy and should be delivered in the form of food and the Salmon is considered to be the best source of these fats. However, farmed fish contains some extra fats and relatively a 1owt number of omega-3 fats as compared to the wild Salmon thus it is always advised to cook farmed Salmon in a way that can reduce the amount of fats in it that are not useful for the human body.