Review: Your Skin, Younger

Your Skin, Younger presents clear, scientific evidence of the skin’s aging process and how it is directly impacted by diet, stress, intestinal function, and even cooking techniques. Written by top dermatology and nutrition experts, the book reveals what you can do—naturally—to reverse bad effects for nourished, younger-looking skin.

These two titles take drastically different approaches to skin care. Naturopathic physician Logan, Mark G. Rubin, M.D. (dermatology, Univ. of California-San Diego), and Phillip M. Levy, M.D., who specializes in internal medicine and dermatology, discuss the scientific advances in preventing, slowing, and, to a certain degree, reversing skin damage. Nikogosian, a well-known celebrity skin care expert in Los Angeles, approaches skin care with special recipes for toners, moisturizers, and toning creams made at home from botanicals.