Review: The Knobble II by the Pressure Positive Company

Knobble II is the newly designed cousin of the all-wood classic favorite of therapists and self care enthusiasts. Still about the size of a standard doorknob, it is made of durable polymer. The base is held in the palm of the hand, and the smoothly rounded tip is used to apply pressure to trigger points in soft tissue. The Knobble II has the added benefit of a soft band of non-latex, Santoprene around the base that allows for friction techniques. Bodyworkers often use the Knobble II to save wear and tear on their hands when applying deep, prolonged pressure to knots or strands of contracted muscle. But the Knobble II is not meant to replace your healing hands, only to help them do more and last longer. Remember to position yourself in such a way that you use your weight, not just your strength, to apply pressure to the muscle. Avoid direct pressure against the spine and other bones.

What a handy little device. While there are lots of little massagers on the market, this one had a lot of cool features:

-just the right size (about as big as a doorknob)
-the tip is really smooth to decrease friction (some massagers can “catch”)
-has this rubber stuff around the top where you grip it so it doesn’t slip around
-looks prettier sitting around than other massagers 🙂

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