Review: Profoot Super Sport Moulded Arch/Heel Support Women


  • absorb shock to foot, knee and lower back
  • reduce knee pain
  • relieve shin splint pain
  • support weakened arches
  • alleviate achilles injury pain
The Super Sport’s moulded design supports both front-to-back and side-to-side arches keeping these bones in their natural position, helpful in eliminating fatigue. The Poron insert at the bottom of the heel absorbs shock to this tender area. 1 pair per pack.
Having developed Plantar Fascitis (sp?) again in my foot and knowing how long it took to mend last time (a year of pain) and having quite high arches in my feet I decided to try some support for my shoes.

I ordered two different types of support and these were one of them. They are very comfortable and have adapated to all my shoes and and more importantly I don’t feel any pain in my feet anymore! (Have noticed I cannot walk around the house in bare feet or slippers anymore – I need a shoe with these supports in).

HIGHLY recommended! (As opposed to the other type of in-shoe support I ordere on the net – they were a Gel-type in shoe support which was a total waste of money and painful to use). Of course, different types of support might suit different types of feet.