Following the success of original Nourkrin in treating thinning hair problems (mainly amongst women), Nourkrin MAN has been developed to strengthen the effect of the treatment with a new formulation specifically for men. Nourkrin MAN is an entirely natural drug-free food supplement that is fortified with vitamins and is designed to supply your body with the specific nutrients needed to promote good, natural hair growth from the follicles. The key ingredient is a protein compound of marine extracts, including the cartilage of deep-sea fish. This is blended with an organic, soluble silica and vitamin C. Two new key ingredients have been added – Omega 3 Fatty Acid and the natural herb, Fenugreek. These ingredients help thinning hair in men by improving the condition of the hair follicles.

Questions and anwsers:-

Q: Does Nourkrin Man work on thinning hair?
A: Nourkrin MAN has been clinically proven to reduce thinning hair and promote existing hair growth.

Q: Is Nourkrin Man suitable for Coeliacs or people on a Gluten free diet?
A: Nourkrin MAN is free from Gluten and therefore suitable for Coeliacs.

Q: Are there any negative side effects associated with Nourkrin MAN?
A: No, Nourkrin MAN is 100% naturally based.

Q: Does Nourkrin MAN contain minoxidil?
A: No, unlike other treatments available on the market, Nourkrin MAN is 100% naturally based and therefore contains no minoxidil.

Q: What are the active ingredients?
A: Marine-based extract of proteins and polysaccharides, fortified with Vitamin C from Acerola Cherry – the richest source of Vitamin C you can get. Silica – an important mineral for reducing hair loss and maintaining strong healthy hair. Horsetail Extract – organic form of silica, which increases the strength of the hair and revitalises lifeless hair.


2 months ago I had a large bald patch and receding. Today I have scalp full of hair. Can’t really believe it. As long as you take 2 a day.Fantastic. Rob

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