Review: FRS Healthy Energy Powdered Drink Mix


  • Gives you sustained energy to help you be focused and fully charged
  • Fueled by quercetin, a powerful antioxidant found in fruits and vegetables
  • Helps the body produce real energy, helps enhance fitness and supports the immune system
  • For best results, drink 2-3 servings per day
  • Only 10 calories per serving

FRS Healthy Energy Powered Drink Mix comes in a box of single-serve stick packs. The packs are small, lightweight and easy to add to a water bottle. With just 10 calories each, they provide 250mg of quercetin in the lowest-calorie way to get FRS sustained energy.

I am pretty much a sceptic of so-called energy drinks. Most of them give you a quick buzz, then let you down just as hard. But, that being said, I am a cyclist, so I decided to give this a try since Lance has his hand in the company.

I love it. I love it. What I especially love is the fact that it is a gradual release. You don’t get that horribly jumpy I-gotta-run-around-the-block feeling. I drink it about 30 minutes before my ride, which is usually 20 to 30 miles, and about a third of the way into the ride it kicks in. I don’t get a rush, just a feeling that I can keep going and push a little harder. The energy really does seem to last for a few hours without a horrible crash at the end.

Taste is not bad, not great, but certainly drinkable. I got the orange powder. I put it in a shaker bottle with eight ounces of COLD water, let it sit for a bit, then drink. It reminds me of the orange Tang I used to drink as a kid.

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