Review: Factor Nutrition Labs Focus Factor for Kids


  • Supports memory, concentration, and focus
  • Great natural berry taste
  • Manufactured with all natural excipients
  • No preservatives, no artificial colorings and no caffeine
  • Each bottle has 60 great tasting chewable wafers
America’s #1 selling brain support supplement is now available in a delicious new chewable formula for kids! Parents trust the FOCUSfactor brand to help support their children’s focus, concentration, and memory.* Each bottle has 60 great tasting chewable wafers. Kids love the natural berry taste. FOCUSfactor for Kids supports health brain function:* ?Supports memory, concentration, and focus.* ?Great natural berry taste ?Manufactured with all natural excipients ?No preservatives ?No artificial colorings ?No caffeine
My son, who is in 1st grade, has had a lot of trouble with school. He is not officially diagnosed with ADHD, but the checklists suggest it. To describe him, he has a ton of hyperactive and impulsive behaviors. He gets angry easily, especially during transition times. He reacts without any thought of consquences. He gets in really goofy moods, that are impossible to get him out of. He runs and jumps on furniture, always has to take physical risks, without fear of injury. I do not want to put my growing child on stimulants, so we are exhausting everything else first.

I have been a vitamin taker all my life. I have had him on b-complex, which I take for my nerves, but decided to give this a try. He has been taking it for a few weeks now and I just got a call from his school. Every time I see their number on my phone, I assume the worst. This however was a good report. He teacher said that he has been great for a whole week.