Review: Benefiber Fiber Supplement


  • From the makers of Ex-lax
  • Taste-free powder that people can add to any soft food or beverage
  • Dissolves completely in beverages and soft foods
  • Contains 100 percent natural soluble dietary fiber
  • Not recommended for children under 6 years of age

100% Natural fiber supplement. Improved value! The clear choice! Dissolves completely in beverages. Great for cooking. Non-thickening powder. 90 Servings. Doctors agree that fiber is an important part of a healthy diet. However most people only get half the daily recommended amount of fiber. (The American Dietetic Association recommends a healthy diet include 25-35 grams of fiber a day.) Now it’s easier than ever to add fiber to your diet with Benefiber, a 100% natural fiber that you can mix with almost anything. It’s taste-free; grit-free; non-thickening so it won’t alter that taste or texture of your foods or beverages. Be creative with Benefiber. Try it in your coffee, juice, yogurt, your baked goods, favorite recipes or whatever you desire. You won’t even know it’s there!

Originally, I was skeptical of this product and its claims about being “tasteless”, “grit-free”, and “non-thickening”. I have tried many fiber products that alluded to similar claims only to be disappointed in the long-run. So, I figured that I’d give this product the ultimate test: I put a serving (2 teaspoons) in a glass of pure spring water and stirred it. In about two minutes time it vanished. I drank it down and didn’t even notice that it was there, and that means a lot to me. I have very sensitive taste buds that can detect the minute difference between fresh mountain spring and purified/filtered bottled water. This product is great and I will be buying a lot more of it. I will never use any other fiber supplement again. Though it’s a bit on the pricier side, there’s nothing comes nearer to it in quality and simplicity.

Buy it: Benefiber Fiber Supplement, Sugar Free, 16.7oz